Chiens des champs

  • Švýcarsko
Zvukové stopy

The film Chiens des champs examines how childhood is created, centring on a group of children on a Swiss farm. How we think of childhood is created through its counterpoint, adulthood, therefore the film contrasts the two states. Examining how games become the focal point for children and work for adults. These develop into a series of other oppositions; the warmth of the home and the fresh air of the woods; life with family, and with friends; animals and nature.

In Chiens des champs the territory of childhood is slowly revealed. Firstly, in a sensorial manner, the film plays with the materials: close-ups of the hairs on the arms of the children, the cluttered view from out of the undergrowth, the density of the dew in the grass, the capture even seemingly able to capture the warmth of the animals’ coats that the children stroke. The intimacy of the camera is what defines this film that works to reveal an overlooked emotional register that only a camera can capture, operating at moments of refined clarity, imaging perspectives of the unheard.



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