Toxic Soup

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Toxic Soup shares the stories of everyday Americans fighting to keep their blood, water and air safe from pollution. Filmed by a group of fearless documentary filmmakers, we follow them as they “road trip” to several American states to expose the unethical practices of giant American corporations who are polluting the water by discarding all sorts of chemical substances without any regard to the population who use it. Carcinogenic substances and other substances suspected to be a cause for autism, for example, are floating around in this “toxic soup,” which has still not fallen under any legalisation.

Meeting people who have been affected by this contamination, we witness the damages done to our health because of these substances and follow the filmmakers as they crash the DuPont shareholders meeting, march with Jim Carrey in Washington DC, pull a political prank on Hilary Clinton, interview filmmaker Morgan Spurlock, and ask Bill Clinton about the connection between chemicals and autism.

From harmful pollutants disposed by manufacturers of consumer goods to radioactive waste left in the water by oil exploration companies, this film also reveals that an unregulated chemical can be found in the blood of 95% of America’s population. It’s the politics of pollution as giant corporations manipulate the system to delay environmental reform, endangering the lives of people all over the world for increased profits.


  • Originální název
    Toxic Soup
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  • Scénář
    Rory Owen Delaney
  • Hudba
    Mark Geary
  • Délka
    87 min (46-90 min.)
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    • Barevný
  • Festivaly
    • Culture Unplugged Film Festval 2011
    • Atlanta Film Festival 2010
    • New Jersey Film Festival 2010
    • Twin Cities Film Festival 2010
    • Louisville Film Festival 2010
    • American Conservation Film Festival 2010
    • KahBang Film Festival 2010
    • West Virgina Filmmakers Festival 2010

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