Rodolfo Pimenta (Portugalsko)

Rodolfo Pimenta was born in 1979 in Sintra, Portugal.

In 1996 he begins his activity in the audiovisual field, as a producer and director of experimental, documentary films - WOLFRAM, a saliva do lobo, video installations - Fim de Emissão -, several videos integrated in shows - Rise Up - Levantei-me do Chão and vídeo records for entities related to performing arts.

He is a founder and supervisor in the workshops developed by COLECTIVO FOTOGRAMA 24 – Laboratório Itinerante de Cinema de Animação para a Alfabetização Visual (Animated Cinema Itinerant Laboratory for Visual Literacy), aimed at the artistic education of children and young people, by producing animated short films. These workshops have produced 43 short films, which have been screened in 140 cinema festivals, travelled through 34 countries and have been awarded with 36 prizes, in which Que dia é hoje? short-film is highlighted.

In 2006 he joins CANAL ZERO project – Concert for machinery and liquid states, where he creates real-time images, manipulating and transforming objects, using them as visual and sound instruments. In 2012 he joins Dio3Stu collective, a shared knowledge laboratory dedicated to the electronic instruments and sound sculptures’ creation.

He is a co-founder of UP_Unlock Produções, a company specialised in the production and communication of graphic and audiovisual projects.


  • Wolfram, a Saliva do Lobo

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