Ignacio Agüero

Born in 1952, in Santiago, Chile. Agüero studied architecture and then went into film studies the year after the military coup, when all the filmmakers went into exile. He made his first films under the Pinochet dictatorship, up to One Hundred Children Waiting for a Train. During all those years he worked in advertising, until he co-directed the “Franja del No”, a television program of the opposition parties to Pinochet that defeated him in the 1988 plebiscite. His line of work as an artist has been mainly as the author of documentary films. But he has also made telefilms, and has been an actor in numerous films, including several by Raúl Ruiz. Retrospectives of his films have been held in various countries, such as Mexico, Spain, Peru, Argentina (at BAFICI), Bolivia, New Zealand, France. He has received numerous awards. For the last two films he received the Grand Prix at FIDMarseille in 2016 and 2019 and also best Latin American film at the Mar del Plata Festival in 2019. He is a film professor at the University of Chile. He also participates in the Zéro en Conduite organization doing film workshops for children. As of 2021, he is working on two new films.


  • I Never Climbed the Provincia / Nunca subí el Provincia
  • This is the Way I Like It II / Como me da la gana II
  • The Other Day / El otro día
  • Agustín's Newspaper / El Diario de Agustín
  • The Mother of My Grandmother Told It To My Grandmother / La mamá de mi abuela le contó a mi abuela
  • Under Construction (Or: The Place I Was Born No Longer Exists) / Aquí se construye (o Ya no existe el lugar donde nací)
  • Dreams of Ice / Sueños de hielo
  • One Hundred Children Wait for a Train / Cien Niños esperando un tren
  • This is the Way I Like It / Como me da la gana
  • Do Not Forget / No olivar
  • Under Construction / Aquí se construye

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