Julie Aguttes (Francie)

Julie Aguttes was born in Paris in February 1972.
She has lived and worked in Marseilles since seven years.

After studying history of Art, J.A first worked in Documentary film production, in Paris, for Films d'ici, then assisted directors such as Stan Neumann or Michelange Quay. She then co-directed a 1st film in 2008 with Regis Sauder " Next year to Jerusalem" about a camp in Marseilles where Jews from Maghreb were transiting before going to Israel.
"A long cry along with the wind's" his her second film pursuing her work on the memory of places. Contrarily to the camp Grand Arenas of which there is no more trace, the industrial port of Marseille remains a strong visual and sound presence within the city and is where this new film blending myth and imagination is set.


  • Trois Soeurs (Three Sisters)
  • Le Temps Inversé (Reverse Time)
  • Un long cri mêlé à celui du vent (A Long Cry Along With The Winds)
  • L’année prochaine à Jérusalem (Next Year To Jerusalem)
  • A Place For Me

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