Víctor Moreno (Španělsko)

He was born in 1981 in Santa Cruz de Tenerife. Later he went to Madrid where he studied film and philosophy at the Universidad Complutense.
In April 2013, he presented his latest work, The Stone at Visions du Réel (Switzerland) in the official section for competition.
In 2012 his second feature documentary The Building participated at the International Film Festival of San Sebastian, the International Film Festival of Buenos Aires BAFICI, DOCSLIBOA and Documenta Madrid, among others.
In 2010 he made his first feature documentary Holidays that was awarded, among others, with the Special Jury Prize "New Directors" Film Festival of the International Film Festival of Las Palmas. With his short film The Stranger he won the Grand Prize for the best film in Notodofilmfest 09 or the Special Jury Prize at the International Festival of Viña del Mar (Chile).
He has also made the short films Fairground workers, Girdles and corsetors, Merry Christmas, which were awarded at film festivals such us En.Piezas, Mecal or Zinezi.
His work has been featured in magazines such as Cahiers du Cinema Spain (best jobs of the year), screened on TVE and Canal Plus Spain and exhibited in festivals around 20 countries. They have also been scheduled in multidisciplinary activities like Sonar Barcelona or the Museo de Arte Reina Sofía.


  • Fajas y corsés / Girdles and Corsets
  • Fauna Humana / Human Wildlife
  • Felices fiestas / Merry Christmas
  • El extraño / The Stranger
  • Holidays
  • Feriantes / Fairground Workers
  • La Piedra / The Stone
  • Edificio España / The Building

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