Talena Sanders (Spojené státy)

Talena Sanders is a filmmaker and interdisciplinary artist interested in the development of individual and collective senses of identity in the context of religious and affinity groups. Through examining the influences of visual and material culture, dress and adornment, and geographic place, her work seeks to understand the ways in which people produce their self-worth within and against social institutions. She holds an MFA from Duke University’s Experimental and Documentary Arts program and a BFA from the University of Kentucky. Her work has been screened, exhibited, and collected internationally, including at the New York Film Festival's Views from the Avant-Garde, Marseille Festival of Documentary Film, Montreal International Documentary Festival, Indie Festival Brazil, Media City Film Festival, Edinburgh International Film Festival, and Southeastern Center for Contemporary Art. She is an Assistant Professor of Media Arts at the University of Montana and is a proud Kentuckian.


  • *Prospector*, 16mm transferred to HD, 13:29 TRT, 2015
  • *Liahona*, 16mm transferred to HD, 70:00 TRT, 2013
  • *The Relief Mining Co.*, 16mm transferred to HD, 30:17 TRT, 2013
  • *The Fort*, 16mm transferred to HD, 7:23 TRT, 2012
  • *Tokens and Penalties*, HD video, 3:59 TRT, 2012
  • *Truth-Value of the Document Up To and Including Its Limits*, HD expanded
  • cinema installation, 5:10 TRT looping, 2011
  • *Reach!*, SD video, 17:10 TRT, 2009

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