• Německo 
Zvukové stopy 

The documentary is tracking the life cycle of a mobile phone. From its birth in the mines in the Kolwezi, DR Congo, to its manufacturing in Chinese factories in the Pearl River Delta to its use and death in the markets and recycling dumps in Lagos, Nigeria, the mobile phone camera sends images of its global journey to the viewer's mobile phone display. It was filmed by miners, factory employees, dealers and electronic scrap collectors at the original locations in Congo, China and Nigeria. Four short documentary films show the work on the device that shapes our everyday life. China and Africa act as driving forces for the economic, political and cultural future of globalization and the mobile phone is their important link. Since 2013 Jochen Becker and Daniel Kötter have done research on cultural effects of the economic and political connections between China and the African continent.


  • Originální název
  • Režie
  • Střih
    Daniel Kötter
  • Délka
    38 min (31-45 min.)
  • Rok
  • Země
    • Německo
  • Barva
    • Barevný
  • Festivaly
    • UABB Bi-City Biennale of Urbanism/Architecture 17 Shenzhen
    • dokumentART Neubrandenburg
    • Filmwoche Duisburg
    • Rencontres Internationales Paris/Berlin à Paris
    • dokfilmwoche Hamburg
    • EMAF Osnabrück
    • ARKIPEL Jakarta International Documentary and Experimental FIlm Festival
    • SOTAMBE Documentary Film and Arts Festivsl, Kitwe, Zambia
    • Afrikamera Filmfestival Berlin
    • Filmtage Globale Perspektiven Frankfurt, Germany

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